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Madeira Museums

Museums Guide - Here you can find a list of Museums that Madeira has to offer. See the opening hours, the prices and location of each one of them. Then just have to choose what you find most interesting.

Enjoy our Madeira Wine Museum at Blandy’s, visit the Whale Museum to get to know the whole story about whaling around Madeira Island or pass by the Museum of Electricity and learn how our island was lit many years ago.


House-Museum Frederico de Freitas

The House-Museum Frederico de Freitas, also known as “Casa da Calçada”, belonged to Frederico de Freitas (1894-1978), lawyer, notary and Madeiran collector for 40 years. Here you can visit his “House of Collectibles”, and see the various pieces of sculpture, pottery, painting and printmaking that Frederico de Freitas collected over the years.

The building itself is a former residence of the “Counts of Calçada” and is also a landmark in the civil architecture in this area and in Funchal city.

Location: Calçada de Santa Clara, n.º 7, 9000–036 Funchal

Phone: +351 291 202 570 | +351 291 202 576 

Opening Hours: Tuesday to Saturday 10am-5.30pm. 

Closed on Sundays and Holidays 

Ticket Price: 3€ | Pensioners: € 1,5 | Youngsters-card: 1,5 € | Groups (6 + people): 2,5€ p/ person 



Museum of Contemporary Art - Fortress São Tiago (Fortaleza São Tiago)

The Museum of Contemporary Art is integrated in the São Tiago Fortress. The fortress itself is worth the visit. Construction began in 1614 and later, at the beginning of the eighteenth century it went through a second period of construction.

The museum features a large collection of Portuguese contemporary art from the 60s, and gathers works by some of the most respected artists of our region who develop their activity here in Madeira Island.

Location: Fortaleza de São Tiago, Rua do Portão de São Tiago, 9060-250 Funchal

Phone: +351 291 213 340 

Opening Hours: Monday-Saturday 10am-12.30pm and 2pm-5.30pm

Closed on Sunday and Holidays 

Ticket Price: 3€ | Pensioners: 1,5 € | Youngsters-card: 1,5 € | Groups (6 + people): 2.5€ p/ person 



Madeira Ethnographic Museum 

The Madeira Ethnographic Museum is a building that belonged to the “Santa Clara Convent” in the seventeenth century. In 1862 it was transformed into the old mill “Engenho de aguardente”. Nowadays, the Madeira Ethnographic Museum has a permanent exhibition area where you can learn and see some of the traditional Madeiran culture. The fishing, the wine production, cereals, flax, transport and traditional commerce are some of the topics documented in this museum.

Location: Rua de São Francisco n.º 24, 9350-211 Ribeira Brava

Phone: +351 291 952 598 

Opening Hours: Tuesday-Friday  9.30am to 5.00pm 

Saturday and Sunday: 10am-12.30pm and 1.30pm-5.30pm 

Closed on Mondays and Holidays 

Ticket Price: 3€ | Pensioners: 1,5€ | Youngsters-card: 1,5€ | Groups (6 + people): € 2.5 p/ person 



Quinta das Cruzes Museum 

Quinta das Cruzes is one of the most important “Quintas” throughout Madeira because it belonged to the family of one of the first donatory captains of Madeira Island.

In 1953 the Quinta das Cruzes Museum opened to the public presenting a collection of César Filipe Gomes. Over the years, this collection was enriched with other donations made up until the present day. You can find decorative arts collections of different influences, European and Oriental porcelain, Portuguese furniture of the seventeenth century and a Flemish altarpiece (from Brussels) from end of the fifteenth century.

Quinta das Cruzes has a chapel (Our Lady of Conceição) and a large and beautiful garden.

Location: Calçada do Pico, n.º 1, 9000-206 Funchal

Phone: +351 291 740 670 

Opening Hours: Tuesday to Sunday 10am-12.30pm | 2pm-5.30pm

Closed on Mondays and public holidays. 

Ticket Price: 3€ | Pensioners: 1,5 € | Youngsters-card: 1,5€ | Groups (6 + people): 2.5€ (p / person) 



Photographia - Museum “Vicentes”

The Photographia - Vicentes Museum is the oldest photography studio in Portugal and it belonged to Vicente Gomes da Silva who was one of the most prestigious photographers of the nineteenth century.

Today, this former residence and studio is transformed into a museum and presents photographic equipment and scenarios used at the time, cameras and about 800 000 negatives from the 4 generations of the family Vicentes. It is a place that is worth visiting.

Location: Rua da Carreira, 43-1 º, Apartado 348, 9001-904 Funchal 

Phone: +351 291 225 050 

Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 10am-12h30pm | 2pm-5pm 

Closed on Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays 

Ticket Price: 3€ | Pensioners: 1,5€ | Youngsters-card: 1,5 € | Groups (6 + people): 2.5 € p/ person 



Madeira Whale Museum
The Whale Museum offers a circuit where the visitor goes through the past times when whaling was practiced getting to know the whole process involved during the hunting. Several themed areas with some models of cetacean replicated true to scale, print, film and multimedia kiosks images are displayed.
Location: Rua Garcia Moniz, nº1, 9200-031 Caniçal, Madeira, Portugal
Phone: 351 291 961 858/9
Openning Hours: Tuesday to Sunday 10:30am to 6:00pm
Closed on the 24th, 25th and 26th December | 01st January and Easter Sunday.
Ticket Price: 10€ | child ticket 5€ (free for children under 6 years old) | Youth 12-17 years sold, students 8,50€ | Pensioners (> = 65 years) 8,50€ | family Tickets (2 adults and 1 child under 11 years old) 20€ | Tickets group (≥8 até 29) – 8,50€ | Tickets group (≥30) – 8,00€


Electricity Museum – “Casa da Luz”

The Electricity Museum – “Casa da Luz” (“House of Light”) is in the old Power Station of Funchal which was disabled in 1989. The Museum displays a vast collection of machinery through 3 areas: the first area presents the early types of lighting that were used; the second area  the development of electrification in the archipelago and; the third area refers to the various “energy sources”.

The Museum also has an area for temporary exhibitions.

Location: Rua da Casa da Luz n.º 2, 9050-029 Funchal

Phone: +351 291 211 480 

Opening Hours: Tuesday-Saturday 10am-12.30pm | 2pm-6pm 

Closed on Mondays, Sundays and Holidays. 

Ticket Price: € 2 | Students and Pensioners € 1 



The Arte Sacra Museum of Funchal

The Arte Sacra Museum of Funchal was implanted in a palace where the bishops of Funchal lived in the sixteenth century. It is one of the oldest museums of Funchal and offers various collections of paintings, sculptures and jewellery, properly identified between the fifteenth and the eighteenth century.

Special attention goes to the Flemish sculpture and painting of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, and jewellery from the sixteenth to the nineteenth century.

Location: Rua do Bispo n.º 21, 9000-073 Funchal

Phone: +351 291 228 900 

Opening Hours: Tuesday-Saturday 10am-12.30pm and 2.30pm-6.00pm | Sunday 10am-1pm

Closed on Mondays and Holidays 

Ticket Price: 3€ | Groups of 10 persons: 2.5€ (per person) | Senior & Youngsters-card: 1.5€ | Free for teachers, students, members of the APOM, ICOM, Museums other associations, journalists and tourism professionals, properly identified. 



Henrique and Francisco Franco Museum 

The Henrique and Francisco Franco Museum is dedicated to the brothers Henrique and Francisco Franco who made a huge impression in Portuguese art in the nineteenth and twentieth century. The museum features a collection of oil paintings, prints, drawings and small sculptures done by the two brothers from Madeira Island.

Location: Rua João de Deus, nº 13, 9050-027 Funchal

Phone: +351 291 230 633 

Opening Hours: Monday-Friday 10am-6pm 

Closed on Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays. 

Ticket Price: 3.78 € | Seniors and Youth (from 11 to 17 years old) - 1,78€ | Educational Services Visits - free of charge. 



Madeira Military Museum

The Madeira Military Museum is located in the São Lourenço fortress. This fortress was built in the early sixteenth century and part of the exhibition presented is in regard to its construction.

The museum presents the history of the Portuguese Army in Madeira, the importance of Madeira in the Portuguese military history, various collections of weapons used in the eighteenth century to the present day and ancient artillery pieces in bronze and light weapons.

Location:  Palácio de São Lourenço, Avenida Zarco, 9001 903 Funchal

Phone: +351 291204 902 

Opening Hours: 10am-12pm and 2pm-5pm 

Ticket Price: 2€ | Seniors and Youth 1€ | Family Ticket 5€



Natural History Museum of Funchal

The Natural History Museum of Funchal is the oldest museum in Madeira. The museum is installed in the Palace of St. Pedro which is a beautiful example of the Portuguese civil architecture of the eighteenth century.

The highlight is the presentation of about 41 000 specimens of various species caught in our archipelago. The museum also has a library and an aquarium.

Location: Rua da Mouraria n.º 31, 9004-546 Funchal

Phone: +351 291 229 761 

Opening Hours: Tuesday-Sunday 10am to 6.00pm. 

Closed on Mondays and the following holidays: January 1st, Tuesday of Carnival, Sunday Easter, May 1st, August 21st, 25th and 26th December. 

Ticket Price: 2.60 € | Pensioners and Children from 11 to 17 years old: 1,31€ | for Youngsters-card and Children under 10 is Free 



Cristiano Ronaldo Museum - CR7 Museum 

The main highlight of the Cristiano Ronaldo Museum / CR7 is the presentation of more than 150 trophies won by the player throughout his career. Among them, there are the two Golden Balls won in 2008 and 2013, and two Golden Boots won in 2007/08 and 2010/11.

See Cristiano Ronaldo career through photographs and videos, and take a picture with the replica of his wax statue.

Location:  Rua Princesa D. Amélia, 10

Phone: +351 291 639 880 

Opening Hours: Monday-Saturday from 10am-6pm. 

Ticket Price: 5€, free admission for children under 9 years old 



IVBAM Museum Centre - Embroidery and Handicrafts Museum

The Embroidery and Handicrafts Museum presents a collection of beautiful and iconic pieces of our Madeira embroidery. Madeira embroidery is one of the globally known trademarks of Madeira Island which makes this museum a place of obligatory passage.

The Museum “Wine Institute, Embroidery and Handicrafts” (IVBAM), shows the story of this art evolution over the last 150 years. The building offers the ambience of a Madeiran house in the romantic period and also features a few pieces of furniture (Hepplewhite and Sheraton) from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries

Location: Rua Visconde de Anadia, 44, 9050-020 Funchal 

Phone: +351 291 21 16 00 

Opening Hours: Monday-Friday from 9.30am-12.30pm | 2.00pm-5:30pm 

Closed: Weekends and holidays. 

Ticket Price: 2€ | Groups (individual price): 1.5€ | Guided visits by educational services: Educational Services Visits - free of charge.



Madeira Wine Company - “The Old Blandy Wine Lodges”

Come to the Museum of Madeira Wine Company (“The Old Blandy Wine Lodges”) to experience one of the best wines in the world, the Madeira wine. Here you find the oldest Madeira wine cellars of our region and learn all about the history and tradition behind our Madeira Wine through pieces on display, documents and machinery used since the seventeenth century.

The entry may include a wine tasting.

Address:  Adegas de S. Francisco, Avenida Arriaga 28, 9000-064 Funchal

Phone: +351 291 740 100 

Hours: Monday to Friday: 10am-6:30pm | Saturday: 10am to 1.00pm 

Ticket Price: 4.20€ (Guided tours)



Madeira Story Centre 

The Madeira Story Centre tells the history of Madeira Islands from 15 million years ago until the present day. The exhibition area is presented in a fun and interactive way and various topics are shown.

After the visit, you can enjoy the panoramic view (which extends from the sea up to the mountains) that the terrace has to offer, visit the themed cafe, or buy a souvenir in the museum store.

The Madeira Story Centre is located in the historical part of Funchal city(“Zona Velha”).

Location: Rua D. Carlos I, n.º 27-29, 9060-051 Funchal

Phone: +351 291 000 770 

Hours: Everyday 10am6pm (museum store: 10am-7pm).

Closed 25h December 

Ticket Price: 9,60€ | Pensioners 65 over years | 5 to 14 years old - 4,80€ | Free of charge for under 4 years



Columbus House - Museum of Porto Santo

Visit the house where Christopher Columbus lived during his time in Porto Santo. The Museum has an area for temporary exhibitions on the ground floor and  there are 3 thematic areas presented in 4 rooms on the 1st floor.. The first theme concerns the Portuguese Expansion; the second is about the growth of the Spanish power in world expansion and the role of Spain as the financier of Christopher Columbus’ expedition; and the third concerns the Dutch Colonial Empire. The museum also displays parts of the galleon of the Dutch East Indies Company “Slot ter Hooge”, when it sank in 1724 on the north of Porto Santo Island.

Location: Travessa da Sacristia, n.º 2 e 4, 9400-176 Ilha do Porto Santo

Phone: +351 291 983 405 

Opening Hours: Tuesday to Saturday 10am-12.30pm | 2.00pm-5.30pm | Sunday 10am-1.00pm 

Summer Opening Hours (July, August and September): Tuesday to Saturday 10am-12.30pm | 2pm-7pm | Sunday 10am-1pm

Closed on Mondays and holidays

Ticket Price: 2€ | Pensioners 1€ | Youngsters-card 1€ | Groups (6 + people) 1.5€ (p/ person) 

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