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Madeira Churches and Chapels

See which churches and chapels you can visit in Madeira. Learn a part of our history and let yourself be enchanted with some of the most beautiful pieces of art in Portugal.


Main Churches in Madeira


The Cathedral (Sé Catedral)

The Cathedral is a must visit place during your holidays in Madeira. It is located right in the city center, and it’s not necessarily difficult to identify, since it’s the highest building nearby.

It is the most visited church by our tourists for two reasons: is one of the most ancient of our island, and its interior features magnificent pieces of art from different periods and origins.

It was classified as a “National Monument” since 1901 for ensuring much of its initial construction.

Its construction was ordered by King Manuel the first in the late fifteenth century and then opened in 1514. Pero Annes and Gil Enes masters were responsible for the construction.

At the entrance, we found Gothic lines and gilded woodcarving ornaments from the seventeenth century. The plant is based on a Latin cross and inside, the highlights are the magnificent ceilings made of wood from our island, the row of chairs from the Manueline period on the side walls with details of Madeiran life, a huge pipe organ placed at the entrance and top of the church, the altarpieces of St. Francisco Xavier dated from the sixteenth century and a huge diversity of details such as Flemish, Manueline, Mudéjar, and Gothic.

It is a visit that you can’t miss.

Open: Monday to Friday: 09am-12pm and 04pm-05.30pm | Saturday: 05pm-07pm | Sunday: 8am-10am/11am and 12pm/05pm-07pm

Location: Rua Do Aljube, 9000-067 Phone: +351 291 228 155



Church of Saint John the Evangelist - College  (Igreja De São João Evangelista - Igreja do Colégio)

The church of St. John the Evangelist, also known as Church of the College, is the 2nd most visited our island. It is just 5 minutes walk from the Funchal Cathedral.

The most relevant in this church is the fact that its construction has been marked by the transition of a European Mannerist Baroque style to the Portuguese during the seventeenth century.

Its architecture is one of the most scattered by history because it was the responsibility of Jesuit missionaries. The church has only one nave with a chancel highlighted.

The highlight is the collection of altarpieces Mannerist hoist the blue and white tiles and paintings of secs. XVII and XVIII. The golden carving which presents one of the most valuable of the seventeenth century.

Open: Monday to Friday: 10am-06pm | Saturday: 03pm-06pm | Sunday: 9am-01pm and 06.30pm-08.30pm

Location: Rua dos Ferreiros nº 11, 9000 - 082 Phone: +351 291 233 534 



Monte Church

The Monte Church is a reference in the madeiran tourist circuit, due to its location in on of the most emblematic places of our island: Monte.

The August the 15th marks the day of Our Lady of Monte. Lots of music, animation and pilgrimages characterized this festival, one of the biggest in Madeira.

The Monte Church was raised in 1818 after being destroyed by an earthquake in 1748. It’s based on an eighteenth-century architecture and in the interior we can see pieces of jewelery from the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries and a picture on the altar alluding to Our Lady of Mont. An interesting fact is that here lies the tomb of Charles Habsburg the Emperor of Austria, who died in 1922.

After leaving the church, you can visit the famous Monte Palace Tropical Garden and at the end make your way back to Funchal through the famous basket-cars.

Open: Saturday 06pm | Sunday: 08am-11am

Location: Rampa da Sacristia 1, 9050-285 

Phone: +351 291 783 877


Santa Clara Church

The Church and Convent of Santa Clara are worth the visit not only for the beauty that you will find here, but also because the history associated with both of them.

The convent was built in the late sixteenth century by João Gonçalves da Câmara. Since then, it went through several renovations so it is possible to see several artwork from different periods in our history.

Today it’s occupied by the Franciscan Sisters and has an interesting history; the nobels leaved their daughters here when they had to travel in royalty service. This way, when they returned they could ensure a fruitful marriage for their daughters.

Inside the church the highlight goes to the magnificent tile pattern from the seventeenth century.

The Church and Convent of Santa Clara serve the same purpose of its construction 500 years ago: a convent for the Franciscan Sisters.

After the visit, you can pass by the Quinta das Cruzes Museum and Garden which is right next door.

Open: Monday to Friday 08am-11am | Sunday: 09am-11am

Location: Calçada de Santa Clara, 9000-036 

Phone: +351 291 742 602



Churches in Madeira


Nazaré Church

Open: Monday to Friday: 07pm | Saturday 07pm | Sunday 09.30am and 11.30am

Location: Avenida do Colégio Militar, 9001-601 

Phone: +351 291 775 109


Nossa Senhora Da Conceição Church

Open: Monday and Sunday 09am - 07.30pm

Location: Largo Dr. António Jardim d’Oliveira 9200-107, Machico 

Phone: +351 291 622 484


Nossa Senhora Da Encarnação Church

Location: Ribeira da Janela


Church of Our Lady of the Rosary

Location: Sitio da Vargem - Rosário, 9240 211 - São Vicente 

Phone: +351 291 846 551


Santa Luzia Church

Open: Saturday 06.30pm | Sunday: 10am and 07pm

Location: Rua de Santa Luzia, 9050-068 

Phone: +351 291 221 875


Santa Maria Madalena Church

Location: Sítio da Santa


Santo Antão Church

Location: Rua João Azevedo, 2 

Phone: +351 291 854 423


Santo António Church

Open: Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday: 07pm | Wednesday: 08.30am | Sunday: 09am-11am

Location: Cam. António, Entrada Particular - Igreja 1 

Phone: +351 291 741 429 | +351 291 751 942


Mother Church Of Saint Benedict

Open: Tuesday to Sunday: 7.30am-06pm

Closed: Monday

Location: Rua Camacho, 20 

Phone: +351 291 952 172


São Martinho Church

Open: 2ª e 6ª feira 18h00 | Sábados: 19h00 | Domingos 10h00 e 12h00


Church of Saint Peter

Open: Sábado: 18h30 | Domingo 12h30-16h00

Open: Saturday: 06.30pm | Sunday 12.30pm-04pm

Location: Rua de São Pedro 3, 9000-219 

Phone: +351 291 222 523


São Salvador Church

Open: Tuesday to Saturday 08am-06pm, Sunday 07am-01pm

Closed: Monday

Location: Rua Irmã Wilson, 1, 9100-161 Santa Cruz 

Phone: +351 291 524 145


Church of Bom Jesus

Open: Monday to Sunday 09am-07pm

Location: Sítio da Igreja - Ponta Delgada 

Phone: +351 291 863 122


Carmo Church

Open: 2ª feira a Sábado 07am-10am and 04pm-06.30pm | Sunday 07am-09.30am and 12pm-06pm

Location: Rua do Carmo 1, 9050 - 019 

Phone: +351 291 223 935


Piquinho Church (Caramachão)

Open: Sábado 19h00 | Domingo 10h00

Open: Saturday 07pm | Sunday 10am

Location: Sítio do Caramanchão 

Phone: +351 291 965 585


Socorro Church (S. Tiago)

Open: Saturday 05.30am | Sundays: 09am

Location: Largo do Socorro, 9050-030 

Phone: +351 291 220 550


Camacha Mother Church

Open: At the moment, the church is closed for restoration

Location: Sítio da Igreja, 9135-381 Camacha 

Phone: +351 291 922 125


Mother Church Nossa Senhora Da Piedade

Open: 10am-08pm

Location: Largo do Pelourinho, 9400-001 

Phone: +351 291 982 215


Nossa Senhora Da Luz Mother Church

Location: Gaula


Saint Beatriz Mother Church

Location: Sítio da Igreja, Água de Pena


Santo António Da Serra Mother Church

Open: Monday to Sunday: 09am - 06pm

Location: Estrada Santo António da Serra (ER207) Casais Próximos, 9100-255 Santo António da Serra 

Phone: +351 291 552 111


Nossa Senhora Da Luz Mother Church

Location: Rua Dr. João Augusto Teixeira 

Phone: +351 291 972 261


Matriz De Santana Mother Church

Location: Rua Cónego Fernando Vaz, Nº2 9230-121 Santana 

Phone: +351 291 572 115


São Jorge Mother Church

Location: Rua Cardeal D. Teodósio de Gouveia 9230-143 São Jorge 

Phone: +351 291 576 526


Mother Church of Saint Sebastian

Localização: Largo de São Sebastião 

Phone: +351 291 942 518


Mother Church Of Saint Vincent

Open: Monday to Sunday 09am-07pm

Location: Sítio da Vila 

Phone: +351 291 842 137


Caniço Mother Church

Location: Rua João Paulo II, 9125-132 Caniço 

Phone: +351 291 935 660


Mother Church of the Holy Spirit

Open: Tuesday to Sunday 10am-01pm and 03pm-06pm

Closed: Monday

Location: Avenida Dom Manuel I (ER 101) 

Phone: +351 291 822 926


Porto Moniz Church

Localização: Vila do Porto Moniz


Camacha Parish Church

Open: Monday to Sunday 09am-06pm (Summer) - 09am-05pm (Winter)

Location: Camacha 

Phone: +351 291 922 125


Nossa Senhora Da Graça Church

Location: Rua Cónego Agostinho Figueira de Faria, 23-29 

Phone: +351 291 945 241 | +351 291 948 966


Curch of Saint Cecília

Location: Rua Condes Torre Bela, 13 

Phone: +351 291 942 123


Chapels in Madeira


Madre de Deus Chapel

Location: Sítio da Mãe de Deus - Caniço 

Phone: +351 291 935 660


Nossa Senhora Da Ajuda Chapel

Open: Domingo 9h30

Location: Caminho velho da Ajuda


Chapel Of Our Lady Of The Conception

Location: Câmara de Lobos


Nossa Senhora Da Graça Chapel

Open: de 15 em 15 dias (Horário de missa)

Location: ER 120, 9400-243 Porto Santo 

Phone: +351 291 982 215


Nossa Senhora Das Angústias Chapel

Open: 2ª feira a 6ª feira: 09h30-17h00

Fechado: Domingo e feriados.

Location:  Av. do Infante, 1, 9050 – 547 Funchal 

Phone: +351  291 214 660


Penha De França Chapel

Open: Sábado 18h30 | Domingo 11h30-12h30

Location: Rua Penha de França, 9000-014


Santa Isabel Chapel

Open: apenas para ceremonias religiosas

Location: Rua Irmã Wilson 9100-16,1 Santa Cruz


Santa Catarina Chapel

Location: Parque de Santa Catarina


São José Chapel

Location: Largo Conselheiro Aires de Ornelas - Largo da Achada, Camacha 

Phone: +351 291 935 660


São Pedro Chapel

Location: Rua de São Pedro, nº 74 9100-207 Santa Cruz 

Phone: +351 291 524 145


São Roque Chapel

Open: 2ª feira a Domingo 9h00-12h30 e 14h00-17h30

Location: Caminho de São Roque 

Phone: +351 291 622 484


São Sebastião Chapel

Location: Rua da Confraria


Corpo Santo Chapel

Location: Bairro de Santa Maria, Zona Velha do Funchal


Senhor Dos Milagres Chapel

Open: 2ª feira a Domingo 09h00-19h30

Location: Largo Senhor dos Milagres 

Phone: +351 291 622 484

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